Social media is one of the most powerful tool to reach out to people. Everyone, from your grandfather to your younger cousin, is active these days on various social media platforms. Now, publicizing your restaurant is easier than ever.

We will discuss here about how various social media platforms can be used and optimized to your restaurant’s advantage.

1. Facebook:
Facebook has more than 1.65 billion monthly active users. Needless to say that creating a Facebook page for your restaurant is mandatory. The kind of stuff you post on your Facebook account directly affects the footfall in your restaurant.Always carry your brand’s image via your profile picture or timeline image. You can always update various offers and discounts on your page.You can use various relevant videos or memes to make your customer feel connected. Facebook paid advertisements can also do wonders for your business.

2. Instagram:
Instagram is focused on sharing pictures but we all know the effect of a drool-inducing perfectly clicked food picture can have on our mind and appetite.
You can hire a professional photographer, if you want, to click pictures of food. Lighting and presentation of food are important to look out for.
Always caption your pics by hashtag. Instagram uses hashtag specific search, which is why it’s important to use a catchy and relevant caption.
You can also organize various give-aways and contests to engage your customers and to keep them delighted.

3. Google + page:
Claiming your google + page is very important. People can easily find various trivial information, see the menu and upload reviews through it. It’s easy to use and works almost as same as Facebook, when it comes to uploading stuff.

4. Twitter:
Tweet interesting content, various available discounts, pictures etc in a very easy and handy way. Don’t forget to use the hashtags. They will get your tweet noticed. You can also promote your tweets on Twitter.

5. Youtube:
Videos are very captivating to everyone. Use this trick to your maximum advantage. You can upload a recipe, flaunt your restaurant’s interior, include your current customers in the video. Keep it fun and interesting. Let people know about what kind of food you are serving, connect with them.


Thanks to the technology, you can seamlessly share stuff from one platform to another. For example: a picture posted on Instagram can also be shared on Facebook. Also, remember that when you are posting things online, pay attention to the timing. If used tactfully, social media can uplift your sales beyond your imagination.