In this series I will write on ideas to become or hire a good restaurant manager. At first, we must learn from the examples to identify traits of a great restaurant manager. So, what are some of the most common traits of great restaurant managers around the world? Read on.

They plan their work

Restaurant managers need to create a plan of action every day. If they don’t plan, there will be loss of time for more crucial and important works on a day. A good restaurant manager will create a time-bound plan and reflect at the end of the day what was targeted and what have been done. The planning also puts out-of-stock out of the dictionary.

Keep a note

Great managers will keep a note and watch every member of team closely. Later, they give feedback to their employees. They also give an opportunity to employees to improve. They observe activity especially during busy hours and later note them down.

Good communicator

Restaurant managers have to be good communicators. They have to engage with customers whenever required. They might have to welcome customers with a smile or with a good information. They have to address a problem faced by any customer with diligence. They also communicate with their staff promptly to give them feedback. Also, read how you can provide a great customer service at your restaurant.


Good control of the environment

They need to know every function of the restaurant and every department’s deliverable. They are supposed to resolve conflicts among staff members. They should solve internal problems with grace.


Great restaurant managers know how to delegate work. They get work done with the support of their team. They will give appropriate work to any member and with proper thought behind it.

Marketing skills

Marketing is an important trait and they make sure that opportunities for marketing are used to the fullest extent whether at a food festival, event, or while doing digital marketing, loyalty, or engaging customers for re-marketing.


Great restaurant managers always have their dashboard ready that shows the most important KPIs of their business. Read here to know about the most important KPI’s for your restaurant. Keeping track of KPI’s help them to achieve goals of the company frequently. One way of watching KPIs is by buying a point of sale software with dashboards.

Make work fun

Who wants to work for an annoying boss? Successful managers make the work environment light and fun. This results in a positive environment for work. Further, they will hire people to fit in the work environment and extract good results from them.


Customer first

Great managers always consider the customer as the most important entity since service is the objective of any restaurant. They behave professionally irrespective of different kinds of customers that come.


At the end, simply doing a course in restaurant management can’t guarantee success to anyone. It requires a learning attitude, internal persistence, and a pleasant demeanour to achieve success. Also, it depends on your team and your ability to work as a team, at the end of the day, to have a satisfied close of the day.