You have decided to open a new restaurant and your to-buy list might also be ready but before you go spending check out a few items which you might get for free. Most of these items are provided by alcohol distributors and other distributors of products like coffee or soda also give out freebies. Of course, you won’t be needing all these things and some might not go with the theme or concept of your restaurant but still who doesn’t like to get free items. ┬áSo, here are a few things you don’t have to pay for:

1. Pint Glasses
If you have a proper bar for your restaurant then you can always ask your salesperson for free pint glasses as many beer companies have their own logos printed on glasses and it’s a great marketing strategy for even them.


2. Coasters
Again many times you will find them matching with the logo of the beers. Other bar accessories like napkins , openers are also provided till the time you keep purchasing liquor from a specific place.


3. Coffee Machines
As you can see the number of coffee distributors is very high and in order for the customer to purchase their product, many distributors give coffee machines for free. So look out for these people before jumping into making any decision but remember whenever you switch your distributor, they will want their coffee maker back.


4. Umbrellas
Even these are again provided by beer companies for your restaurant deck. But here there is a huge chance that they may not go along with the decor of your place. But still it gives you an option of trying something new, changing the look of the place or having outdoor seating arrangements.


5. Table Tents
The plastic sign holders kept on the tables are called table tents. Many companies and not just alcohol distributors willingly offer them for free to both new and old restaurants. They are mainly used for highlighting your special items, drinks or any upcoming event or promotions.


6. Pool Tables
Many bars these days have a pool table but they are an expensive investment and there is always a risk that they might or might not turn to be profitable. There are companies which provide pool tables for free in exchange that they will get to keep a portion of the proceeds from the tables which is fair enough and profitable for both the parties.

So now that you know where all you don’t need to spend, you can buy other things for which you initially didn’t have budget for or you can save all that money for something else !