Time is something that none of us can control. The best option we have, to improve productivity, is to prepare ourselves and manage time the best we can. We keep complaining about time every day. Daily, we see the clock and realize there’s not much time left. We brush, take a bath, dress up and head to work. This schedule is repeated everyday, all week and by the end of the week we wonder the reason behind our lack of enthusiasm, boredom and low productivity at work.

The real problem behind this with most of the people is this mismanaged routine we are stuck in. It is essential to have a set routine (read here) to give us the needed push and start to the day.

So here’s the essential morning routine that you should have for optimum happiness, productivity and mental health.

1. Exercise.

The advantages of exercising to be fit and healthy have already proven again and again. Studies have also found out that people who exercise on a daily basis have more energy and a positive outlook, which are very important factors for your productivity. So why not start your mornings with something that can only be beneficial.

2. Healthy breakfast habit.

The silliest mistake that most of us have a habit of is skipping breakfast. Be it because of a busy schedule or a delayed sleep routine, skipping breakfast is something that should immediately be stopped. Being a very unhealthy habit it decreases your focus and productivity. It is very important that you don’t skip your breakfast. Eating anything at all puts you ahead of most people. A healthy breakfast gives you energy, improves your short-term memory and helps you stay focused.

3. Thinking.

“Think in the morning, act in the noon, read in the evening, and sleep at night.” – William Blake

The real importance of morning time is something that only a few people realize and put to use. Morning time is quieter and offers you an opportunity to dive deep into yourself and your mind to think about things that tend to bother you at work. Your fears, dreams, future plans, problems and so on. By mindfully analyzing them you get a better hold at your life and decisions.

4. Drill your goals.

Having your goals figured is a good thing but the next important step is to be clear about them. This increases your confidence level and how you pursue your goals. Research shows that your confidence level increases when you have a set of clearly defined goals. So if you don’t have any as yet you know what to do. Spend some time making a few big and inspiring goals. Drill them regularly and there you are.

5. Sort out your deadlines.

It is easier for you to manage and finish things once you have jotted them down. Starting your day without knowing you deadlines and priorities will definitely be one without any productivity. This gives you an additional control over your work and life by keeping you away from distractions and end up making smarter decisions.