There are many things that go through a restaurateur’s mind while opening a new restaurant. Picking a suitable location, initial business plan, deciding the type of cuisine you are going to serve. Amongst all these responsibilities and chaos, it’s possible that you might end up over-spending on a couple of things. But as the time passes, it will come to your realization that you could have saved all that money on certain things. So, this time we’ll help you out with your budget management with a few tips:

1. Kitchen Equipments
Restaurateurs, who are about to open a new restaurant, generally end up spending a hefty amount on the kitchen equipment. Buying new coolers, grills etc. can add up to unnecessary spending.
Equipments like dishwasher, grills, ice-machines are also available on lease these days. You can also buy them on second-hand basis. Slightly used machines can be found online at very reasonable prices.
There are many e-stores online where people sell their old kitchen equipments. Just go through these sites and find out what’s suitable for you.

2. Fancy and delicate cutlery
Though every restaurant has a specific fancy-factor to it but spending tons of money on delicate cutlery is not a reasonable decision. There’s a high probability of breaking them during use by customer or during washing them. Instead try going for durable cutlery which also has a fancy look to it.
Also, try avoiding linen tablecloth. Linen tablecloths are generally good for formal events but they are not necessary for daily use.

3. Marketing
Everyone these days is raving about social media marketing. There are so many social media platforms.
and much more.
Don’t rush into hiring someone to look after your social-media accounts. At first, stick with Facebook and Instagram. This way you’ll know the basics of managing an account, so when in future you hire someone you’ll know what exactly you want, the kind of content or posts, instead of blindly relying on external help.

4. Website for your restaurant
In the initial stage of starting a restaurant, it is tempting to get all into the advertising and marketing.  Getting your restaurant’s website developed is also one of them. Don’t rush into it. In the beginning, maintaining a Facebook page is enough, if you are regularly updating it. Once your sales kick in, then you should think about getting your own website done. NOT before that.

These were just the basic steps that you should watch out for. Maintaining your budget is extremely important, when it comes to running a restaurant. As you proceed, you’ll realize that it will make things smoother and easier for you. Work on the basics first such as maintaining your staff and providing a nice customer service and everything else will fall into line accordingly.