As a restaurant owner how will you come to know how is your restaurant doing ?
What do the people think about it? Do they like it ? What is the best or the worst thing about your place ?
All these answers can be answered through feedback. Capturing customer feedback is extremely important. Feedback offers a way to identify and praise staff, who are doing a good job or to tell them where they are going wrong. But how do you take feedbacks and how do you use them for betterment ?
Below lie the answers

1.Distribute Customer Comment Cards

How was the meal ?
How was the service ?
Which dish did you like the most?
These are a few questions that every restaurant owner would like to know from his customers. Some customers are blatantly honest about these questions and they will tell you to your face if they are not satisfied with their meal but not every customer feels comfortable doing so. Therefore, offering a comment card solves this problem as the customer can freely express his views here. Negative comments tell you the areas where you need to work on and positive comments provide an opportunity to celebrate.


2.Use Social Media for Customer Feedback

There are many different sites like facebook , twitter and pinterest for customer service. These sites provide a great opportunity for customers to share their experiences but unlike comment cards, here the comments are broadcasted to a large set of audience. So, if the customer praises it’s a huge boost for the restaurant as even other people will see it but one should keep in mind that if the customer complains then also a huge audience will see it. which can be detrimental for the restaurant.


3.Use positive feedback to your advantage

Getting praises is always good but be sure you share all those with your staff as well. As this is a great way of motivating them. You can even post them in your restaurant, where the whole staff can read it and even other customers can see what’s good in a place. One can even encourage healthy competition through this like a special gift or reward to the waiter who gets the most positive feedback.


4.Address Negative Feedback

There are always two sides to a coin. Similarly, a negative feedback can be seen as a problem or as an opportunity. It’s okay that every complaint or feedback cannot be addressed but you can make the customer feel valuable by letting him/her know that you will take their complaints into consideration and next time they won’t be facing such a problem.


So, now don’t be shy and hand out those comment cards to your customers or use social media or whatever but do get the feedback of your customers and then improvise on it as we all know that a satisfied customer is the strategy of all.