With constantly evolving needs of today’s retail customers, who also have easy access to information at their fingertips. It is in our best interests that we provide the best possible tools for our associates. Real-time data that can be provided with such a tool can bring success by proper optimization and increased productivity.

That’s what sums up the thinking behind the My Productivity app which is now available on all smartphones of every member in Walmart’s in-store management team across the U.S. Long gone are those days where the manager had to vanish from the sales floor for long intervals in succession. Nowadays, there is no need to login into a separate system to obtain access to important day to day data (e.g.: sales data) that keeps a business running efficiently.

With the My Productivity app, managers at Walmart can simply click and take care of business, right then from the sales floor. That is exactly what the purpose off apps in today’s digital world is. Making it super easy for people to do whatever and whenever they want to and that too without any delay. That’s how retail needs to operate.

With just a few clicks managers at Walmart are able to directly implement, restock of specific items, access real-time sales data and trends, and even answer customer questions. The tool even enables management to review feedback from customer surveys as they’re being submitted, allowing them to react to priority issues faster than ever before.

Before My Productivity was put into use, management associates were spending thousands of hours in the stock rooms of their stores annually. Which in today’s world is neither practical nor productive.

So to conclude, by putting both the data and technology into the managements hand Walmart has put them back into the driver’s seat. They are turning the attention back to productivity, service and selling. Most importantly, they have put back these management people where their customers need them the most.

Rather than taking up complex tasks these associates are being put up to serve and sell. The customers see more associates on the floors, and on the other hand our managers are much more confident and better equipped. Which is how Walmart always wanted it to be every second of every day.