Holiday season has arrived. Many schools close for winter vacation. There will be rush to provide gifts for New Year too. Are you ready for handling the rush? And in the rush don’t forget to protect your store from external and internal theft. Read on to know the ways to protect your store from internal theft. You might be already thinking about it if you have started hiring seasonal employees and for some roles. (See: How to hire staff for a restaurant)

Background checks

This is one of the most effective way of preventing theft at your store. You can also make judgements from interview process. But a check on background will be necessary especially when you are hiring for a position more prone to theft.


Set the right user permissions

Set permissions for users through your point of sale. If you don’t have one, this might be a good time to buy. Advanced point-of-sale systems will allow you to do that easily. Prevent access to sensitive information and allow only particular employees from accessing them.

Be sure to know what your staff access and do by reviewing your pos. Extra attention can should be paid over employees who will process voided sales. This is more prone to being manipulated.

Keep your employees happy

When employees feel they are underpaid or overworked, or when employees are getting late payments or have salary pending, they will believe it is justified that they can get some things from your store as compensation. They will think, “I deserve this” and end up stealing from your store. Also, they may end up procrastinating or doing inferior quality of work but that’s another point. So, in order to prevent damages you should make sure that your employees are happy.

Keep them engaged

Also temporary employees are not as vested in your company and will not have interaction in future, so they will think it doesn’t matter as they will be gone pretty soon. Also during holiday seasons they themselves require money for gifts and if they get an opportunity might be tempted to steal.

You need to keep them engaged for this very reason. You should provide proper training, point thee things for psychological purposes during training, and pair them with permanent employees. This way they will also feel a sense of belonging. Create their profile and showing opportunities to remain in touch in future will be additionally helpful.

Keep track of inventory

Always be on top of inventory figures.  Doing periodic inventory counts allows you to reduce theft as there is a person answerable to what happened to inventory who will make sure things are proper as well as have others responsible too.

It may not be easy to conduct inventory count everyday especially if you are short of employees and high on stocks. So, you need to stack items in an easily countable way. You can take it at a regular interval of a week or two depending on speed of stock movement, but yes regular physical count. This way you trace any error to a particular count and time-period. You can also use other methods such as cycle counting, randomly chosen partial counts, etc.

Of course you will be happier when you have a system that can ease your task, such as a point of sale system with inventory control. At the end of the day, it will let you know what items were sold and how many of each items (See: So, you count for any difference in the stock, which you can check by a look as well if you have arranged properly. Also you should check if other items are same as previous day.