One of the biggest problems that you keep hearing from restaurant managers and owners these days is that they don’t know how to prevent employee theft, how to keep a check on their inventory.
Stealing can have various forms like giving away free drinks or food to the customers, employees stealing it for their own pleasure or employees trying to get the customer’s card information etc. Here are a few points that the owner should try and put in place so that the employees keep a check on their hands. 

1.Track all Sales 

If you are a restaurant owner, you would be wondering how can you possibly track all the sales throughout the day. Therefore, it’s very necessary to have a proper tracking system for both food and beverage sales.

It can be done by having a POS system.

The kitchen staff and the bartender should be duly notified that they shouldn’t give any item without a KOT (Kitchen Order Token) and you can keep a check of all the transactions in the POS system.

2.Track Food Inventory 

Stealing in a restaurant can vary from just eating any item while roaming here and there or it can be as serious as taking chunks of food right out of the inventory. First thing to do is to make your staff feel responsible. Allot them responsibility to keep a check on inventory. It will automatically keep a check on your staff as well.  An inventory management system should be set-up where at the end of the day you know how much stock was used, how much is left and how much got wasted.

3.Keep Alcohol under lock and key 

Alcohol is one thing which the owner should have strict control over. It will vanish like magic if kept unattended. Therefore, it should be kept locked and only the owner, managers or maybe the bartender should have access to them. Again, a proper POS system in place will be of great help as you would know if there is a certain type of alcohol which is constantly running low and there are no sales to account for that, then you would clearly know where all that alcohol is going.


4.Install security cameras in your restaurant :-

This can be the last step to put in place if you are constantly being robbed by your employees, because putting security cameras in place is a clear way of   saying, “I don’t trust you” and it will not boost the morale of your staff. But if the problem is persistent, then this is the easiest and the most safe way of checking employee theft.


5.Don’t give access to cash drawers 

It’s a very easy way for waiters to make quick bucks by telling that change must be paid back to the customer, which is why he or she is taking out the money from the drawer. This practice should be stopped and only the owners and managers should have access to the cash drawers. If they’re not there then a cashier or maybe a head-waiter can have the access. It’s simple: the less hands that touch the cash, the less chances of it being stolen.

All these points are easier said than done and require a lot of time and attention to be given by the owner daily. But if you want to earn more revenue and cut down the losses that your restaurant is suffering due to employee theft, then you must definitely follow the above points.