These days, going to a restaurant isn’t just about the food. It’s about the overall experience and atmosphere, and music plays a huge part in that. Having that perfect playlist can create the ideal ambiance. Some restaurants will play it far too loud, some allow the staff to pick and some play the wrong music at the wrong time of day.


All of these can result in an unpleasant experience for the customer. It has been found in researches that fast music increases the customer turnaround in restaurants, and slow music increases the individual customer’s spend. So, this time we will take you through a few pointers which will help you out in deciding your playlist:


1.Vibes of your Restaurant
This is the major factor in deciding your playlist. The personality of your restaurant or the theme of your bar/restaurant can help massively in finalizing the type of songs you should be playing. This does not mean the personality of the staff or owners. It should be the personality of the restaurant itself. Consider the décor and layout of the restaurant. What is the energy level of the restaurant? What type of personality does your menu have? Picture all of these and any other significant factors in your mind and ask yourself, “What type of music matches this?”

If your place has a funky vibe and most of your customers are youngsters then you can play peppy and edm numbers. Similarly, if it’s based on retro-theme, you should be playing jazzy numbers.


2. Time of the day
The time of day is another important factor to take into account when choosing music for your bar or restaurant. Your lunch crowd might prefer a more toned-down feeling whereas Fridays are fun, exciting and loud. On weekends you have brunches which may need a more jazz feel and nighttime can fall under throwback songs from the 70s, 80s, and 90s.


3. Pre-decided or People’s choice
This could be a tough one. The dilemma when having to decide whether to have a pre-selected list of songs ready to go or allowing your customers to choose them. Always keep in mind that when customers get to choose, not everyone in the establishment will necessarily agree on the music choice. You have to be prepared for a negative response if the wrong song is chosen. Typically, this won’t happen if you have a jukebox selected with the genres relating to your business. When making your own playlist, try not to spend too much time on the “perfect” choices.

If staff is allowed to pick the music, it’s best to set ground rules. You don’t want music that’s going to offend or annoy your customers. This means no profanity, heavy metal, or rap – unless this fits in with the style of your restaurant, except for the profanity. All music should be kept at a low level in the background. Your customers want to be friends with your restaurant, not enemies.