One of the biggest reasons why employees leave a company is undeniably because of poor management. This fact can be seconded by anyone who’s ever worked even once in their life. According to proven surveys the percentage of people leaving their job because of low pay and benefits is very low as compared to poor management. So here are the most common destructive management behaviors  to avoid at any cost, all the time:



Promises in the case of a company is very close to being your word of honor. If these promises once made and not kept, it cannot be expected from those around to keep theirs. This type of conduct can give rise to a lack of accountability within a team which, in the next stage leads to lack of trust, productivity, and poor team performance.



Having under performers in a team which also comprises of your hustlers can definitely have severe effects and be a cause for de-motivation. Which also effects the performance of the team and hence the company as a whole. Thus, the earlier you act and address your under performers the better your chance of not losing out is.



There is a reason why the person has been allotted the job he is doing. Being a “know it all” and dismissing the ideas of others in the name of being helpful is almost close to planting a slow ticking bomb. The message being sent here is that the manager is smarter than everyone else in the company which is nowhere a morale booster and leads to de-motivation. Ultimately, you end up losing your competitive edge.

Any of these sound familiar to you? If yes, then make a plan on how you can alter these behaviors to avoid the risk of losing all your top performers. Lastly, it is  important to remember that changing behaviors takes a lot of discipline, commitment and time.