If you are a restaurateur looking to open a new restaurant, the first thing to decide would be to name the restaurant. While choosing a restaurant’s name, keep in mind that the name should be easy and simple to pronounce. It is as important as deciding what cuisine you are going to serve. So, let us take you through a few tips which might help you finalize the name of your newly opening restaurant.


1. Theme of the restaurant or cuisine
Theme of a restaurant or bar should reflect upon its name.
When you hear the name “The Black pearl”, it instantly paints a picture of the ship from “Pirates of the Caribbean” along with the pirates and their drums full of rum. “The Black Pearl” has incorporated all the minute details in their interior such as the scary rib cage stool and the open captain’s deck.
On the other hand, “Barbeque nation” already gives you a feeling that they specialize in barbeques of different kinds, giving an idea about what customers can expect when they walk in.


2. Location of your restaurant or pub
The location of the restaurant/pub/bar can also play a crucial role in deciding the name. For example: “The 19th Main Café” in HSR, Bangalore is located at the 19th Main.
Similarly, “100 Ft boutique bar” is located on the 100 Ft. road, Indira nagar, Bangalore.
Restaurant name based on the location can also help in retaining the address of the place when they plan on going back their again.

3. Naming it after your family members or surname
This one is a conventional yet very affectionate way of naming your restaurant. It adds a touch of personal touch to the name.
For Example: “Maria’s Goan Kitchen” located in Koramangala, Bangalore.


4. Word-play
Smart word play can lead to some very interesting restaurant names. For example: “Sotally Tober” is a pub in Bangalore and clearly tells you about what is going to happen when you get inside.
“Berry’d Alive” is a dessert parlour and their name is result of one hell of a word-play.


5. Avoid repetition
Please avoid using a name which has been already taken by some other restaurant. It can result in confusion amongst your customers in future. Besides you don’t want to be a part of any legal obligation now, do you?


We hope that this article helps you out on coming down to a name for your new restaurant. Stay in touch for upcoming steps of running a restaurant.