Owning and running a restaurant is not an easy job. Managing your restaurant can be very tricky sometimes, especially when it comes to maintaining your profits. Every business is running to make a certain amount of profit and restaurant business is no different.
So, we decided to give out a few tips to make your restaurant profitable to all the existing and new restaurant owners out there:

  1. Choose your location wisely:
    Your restaurant can serve the most delicious food and have an amazing service and staff but all of this will go to vain if you don’t weigh onto the location factor. It’s not just about having a prime location. Accessibility and surrounding location also play a key role in deciding the location.
    Given the type of restaurant you are running, you are targeting a specific type of customers. Your location should be in reach of those target customers. You can’t expect a pub to run a good business in a location surrounded by residential area, can you?
  2. Retain your people:
    You all must have heard about the importance of a loyal customer. But guess what? That isn’t all you should be considerate about. Maintaining your loyal workers and staff will do wonders for your restaurant. Train your waiters to be polite and considerate towards your customer.
    Customer will always value a good service. Do you remember the last time you went to a restaurant where your seat was reserved but you still ended up waiting for it?Now, do you recall being offered a dessert on the house, just to compensate the time that you ended up waiting.
    Which is exactly why you never went back to that restaurant.
    In order to retain a customer, retain a loyal worker.
  3. Menu Engineering:
    A few key points to add while deciding your menu and size portion:
  • Implement a reduced amount of portion size alongside the regular one. People have a tendency of trying out different dishes but end up ordering less because of the large amount of food being served to them.
    Give it a try and see how the magic works.
  • Add visuals to your menu. People nowadays eat with their eyes before their mouth. A mouthwatering picture of a certain dish will definitely entice your customers into ordering more.
  • Your customer isn’t just hungry anymore, they are health conscious too. Provide a few items on your menu which are loaded with vegetables and fruits for healthy diet options.
  1. Use social media platforms for publicity:
    Today’s generation isn’t just health conscious, they are tech savvy too. Social media is the easiest platform to reach out to these folks.
    Create a Facebook page for your restaurant and keep on updating it regarding the new dishes that you added or any all-time favourite dish, which has been gaining popularity in your restaurant.

Stay active on these platforms because good content will always lure in the potential customers.

  1. Install a Restaurant management software:
    Gone are the days when you used to take order on a piece of paper and receive payment in cash. Your customer is now tech savvy and so should you be!
    Do your research and get an all-in-one restaurant management software. A few features you should keep in mind while buying:
  • Facilitates various payment options
  • Saves time and increase efficiency of your restaurant
  • Comes with kitchen display system
  • Bonus point for facilitating marketing campaigns
  1. Takeout system:
    Working schedules are hectic, not just for you but for your customer as well. Providing a takeout option not only keeps your kitchen busy during those odd hours but it also gives your customer an option to enjoy their food at their convenience.
    You can generate more revenue by offering special offers to the nearby local offices. This is a good way to tap the business class who are generally super-busy with their schedules.
  2. Interior renovation:
    The kind of ambience your restaurant radiates is directly proportional to the number of daily visits you will have from your customers. Interior and ambience will play a major role in increasing the footfall. Consider the type of restaurant and the kind of food you are serving and go ahead with some major/minor interior changes. It could be something as small as lightning up the place with fairy lights to something major as European themed designing.Hopefully, these tips will help you out to turn up the revenue generated. But always remember that you can customize these tips as per your restaurant. Consider what you want and act according.