De-motivation is a broad category related to feeling low, disappointed or dissatisfaction at workplace. De-motivation is a very harmful result of the mismanagement that can happen in an organisation with little experience or idea of managing business. If you’re trying to understand your own job dissatisfaction consider these very common reasons why people hate their jobs.

1. Micromanagement

Micromanagers may have good intentions but they drive employees crazy. Micromanagement saps the life out of us, causing apathy at work.

2. Lack of progress

As it turns out, money for nothing doesn’t feel so great. While it might seem that employees work for salary, studies show they want to feel that their work matters.

3. Insecurity

Employees who work for unstable companies or in jobs deemed expendable will lead to de-motivation. They will then invest only enough to keep getting their salary and look elsewhere.

4. Low faith in leadership

Employees don’t have to love their leaders to be happy, but they can’t believe they are incompetent. Once they lose faith in where the company is heading, their loyalties fray and they cease to wholeheartedly follow.

5. Lack of recourse for poor performance

When employees go to work, they like to be rewarded and recognized for their contributions. If it isn’t happening, or worse, people doing mediocre work are getting the same treatment as strong performers, it is natural for them to just turn off and do job on autopilot. Companies that don’t deal with performance issues bring down the average for everyone.

6. Poor communication

In the absence of information, rumors thrive. Employees end up guessing, confused, and frustrated. If there is not an avenue to communicate back to leadership for clarification, it gets even worse. Having to spend large amounts of time getting the information employees need to do their jobs is exhausting.

7. Unpleasant coworkers

The importance of working with people we like can’t be overstated. Friendships make up for a lot of ills, and the reverse is also true.