What a modern point of sale system should provide?

It’s is very likely you have transacted on a POS. But how much you know about them! Read on to be able to choose right POS (Point of Sale) for your  business.

A POS is defined as the time and place where a retail transaction is completed. Every merchant has to keep track of these transactions. If you are planning to start a retail or a restaurant business you should consider using a system at the point of sale or research about them before starting because of the ease they bring into the management. If you own a retail or a restaurant you would probably be using a POS.

If you don’t have a point of sale (POS) system, you probably don’t know what you are selling, when you are selling, and the quantity you are selling. You may remember sales for a day but further it will be tiring to account for all the transactions. You wouldn’t know your inventory counts either. Without a POS you can’t check sales without being in the store. You wouldn’t know who is working and when. Basically, you are facing a serious information deficiency that is making it more difficult for you to make smarter business decisions.

Now that you know what you are missing without a POS, how would you decide on choosing a point of sale software? After all, it can be an expensive investment! Most POS systems today, even by the leading brands, were designed more than 10 years ago. But the world has really changed in these years! Let us explore the list of key elements that would define the ideal restaurant management system designed for today’s demands and those of the next 10 years to come.

A modern POS system must accompany the following:

1. Reliability and Friendly Customer Service: As obvious as this one should be, it just too often gets lost in the often-misplaced drive to innovate. The most important component of your business is your customer. A POS should be reliable to provide uninterrupted services and provide a customer relationship platform to monitor customer satisfaction levels. It should allow you to communicate with your customers of the relevant information as well as keep them interested.

2. Run on all Devices or Platform: You don’t want the hassles of matching requirements such as mobile only or Mac only versions of POS. The right POS must run on all devices or platform. Further it should accept all kinds of payments including mobile wallets. It should make your life easy and keep your desk neat!

3. Cloud Based POS: The right POS retail software should, as stated above, remove all instances of hassles. These also include adding storage or hardware, adding database, upgrading software or migrating them. And trust me, these are much more difficult and daunting tasks than finding matching device or operating systems. If POS stays in the cloud, it is the vendor’s task to take care of such tasks. Moreover, cloud based point of sale solutions have many other advantages and the biggest of them is the large developer community who keep creating software for providing useful functions. These functionalities can be added on just like ones in your browser.

4. Reliable Cloud & Offline Transactions: The cloud system must be reliable and provide continuous support. If the connection is lost the POS must provide the facility of offline transactions so that billing is not stopped. Once connection is resumed it can synchronize data with the cloud.

5. Security: Data safety and security is a top priority and every business owner should consider them to gain faith of customers. The cloud system will have all the user and transaction data. It must not be compromised otherwise it will bring bad name to your business which is difficult to recover.

6. Designed for multi-unit Operators: Whether a business is franchised or corporate-owned, the chain concept is growing. Any next-generation POS must support the control and reporting of groups of individual stores efficiently. Managing menu, pricing, discounts, promotions should be possible for individual units separately without affecting other units. This will allow you to easily scale your business.

A restaurant is a business can’t do without the right POS

7. Relevant Reporting: Your POS system needs to track sales by department, item, and hour and generate reports so that you can adjust staffing accordingly and allocate resources more efficiently. Additionally, a built-in employee time clock feature will make keeping track of employee hours a much smoother process.

8. Free & Unlimited Support: Last but not the least, the POS vendor must provide free and unlimited support. Who knows what goes wrong and when? Your business must not suffer for anything not concerning the core operations.

Keeping these points in mind should guide you in choosing the right POS matching your specific requirements. Having given so many points, wouldn’t it be great if I could introduce you to some of the vendors that provide these functionalities? Read on.

1. Good Till: It is one of the UK’s most intuitive and affordable iPad POS systems, giving you the power to manage and grow your business with ease! To learn more visit: thegoodtill

2. DdD POS: For Germany this is one of the cloud based POS for any hardware. According to the website: DdD POS is the future proofed POS system. Visit dddretail

3. Verifone: For France, this is a popular POS and according to their website: It delivers the solutions that help you take advantage of the latest mobile wallet programs, mobile and tablet-based payment opportunities and alternative payment. To learn more visit verifone.fr

4. CirQ: For India, this is a low-cost yet full feature POS. According to the website: Point of sales that is powerful, flexible & extremely easy to use. To learn more visit: getcirq

Most vendors provide free trial. So check them for first hand experience or if you come across something good let the community know under the comments!