Hiring and managing your restaurant staff is one of the most important aspect of running a restaurant but somehow it gets overlooked. All the hiring and firing, comes under the wing of the owner. As a restaurant owner, it is your responsibility to hire the right set of people. It seems like anyone could be good at waiting tables or tending the bar but that’s not the truth. Just like not everyone can cook a nice meal, similarly not everyone will be good at managing the restaurant or waiting the table.
Which is why as a restaurant owner, you should always keep a few things in mind before hiring someone for a vacant position.


Position-wise hiring
There are many positions to hire for, when opening a new restaurant. Some positions require prior restaurant experience while others might be just the right position for a newbie.

  • Bartender
    Having an experience is a must for the position of a bartender. Mixing the right amount of ingredients to make a perfectly delicious cocktail is nothing but art. One of the factors that you should watch out for is the personality of the bartender. They need to know when to engage in a conversation with the customer when required and when to mind their own business. Reading customers is one of the key trait of a good bartender.
  • Waitstaff
    Knowing how to talk to the customer while taking order or during any possible interaction, knowing details about restaurant’s menu and making the dining experience enjoyable are a few important tasks of a waiter/waitress.
  • Chef
    This job requires an ample amount of experience because food is the primary purpose for the existence of restaurant and it has to be lip-smacking. Chef’s experience is also dependent on the kind of cuisine you are serving at the restaurant. For example: a food truck, is a good place for someone still learning the ropes of restaurant cooking. Always hire the number of chefs according to the size and layout of the restaurant.
    Also, make sure that you know the difference between a chef and a cook, a sous chef and an executive chef.
    Maintaining Employee Manual
    Maintaining an employee manual is a good idea for any restaurant. It helps you in keeping an update over their expectations for the job, job descriptions, safety procedures and any other communication you want to convey concerning your restaurant. An employee manual helps new restaurant employees start on the right foot, and minimizes confusion and misunderstandings later on.How to Prevent Employee Theft
    There will be a few instances where you will experience some form of stealing from your employee’s side.¬†Nobody wants to think their employees will steal from them but this is the harsh reality. It could be in terms of food or alcohol or in terms of cash.

    Have a system in place to minimize the chances of employee theft, before it happens. These days, POS systems (visit: getcirq.com) are also providing a new feature of inventory management where you can be always updated on the status of inventory.

    Hiring the right people, and then making your expectations clear right from the beginning will help your new restaurant staff come together as a team. Being proactive to prevent problems, like theft, will also help stay off potential problems. Remember, your restaurant is only as good as the people who are working in it.