The faster you make decisions, the higher is your productivity. It is a time consuming process as you need to analyze a couple of things before coming down to a conclusion or decision. Habits like over-thinking and not trusting your instincts further slow down the process. In today’s world, where anything and everything can change at the blink of an eye, it is essential to accelerate the decision making process. Here are eight decision making tips that will help you become the most productive person you know:

1. Spotting immediate priorities.

With the amount of work people have at hand it is sometimes a tough task making decisions swiftly. Thus, before you start, it is important to take some time and think what decisions you need to make first. Start from the most crucial one, and then go on to the others. Things that need your urgent attention must be taken care of first instead of other things that can be done later.

2. Do Not Overthink.

Being prepared for how your decision making will turn out and what it’s outcome will be you don’t need to overthink about the consequences. Thinking too much about the results will only lower your morale and effect your decision making.

3. Trust yourself.


“Success begins the moment you decide to be yourself”

Self-confidence and not over-confidence is one of the strongest weapons a person can have when it comes to decision making and success. Having faith in yourself makes decision making a lot easier for you. But if you, doubt your own capabilities, you’ll never be able to come to a conclusion.

4. Analyzing the positives and negatives.

Having a lot of decisions to make on a daily basis, the most effective way is to analyze the positives and negatives. See what the impact and outcome of your decision will be. This will definitely help you make a quicker and more efficient decisions.

5. Identifying the best options.

After analyzing you need to make a list of the available options that you have. Unless you know what possible options you have there is no way you can make a valid conclusion. Also, having a few options at hand makes decision making easier.

6. Accepting failure.

It is stupid to think that all your decisions are going to be a success and produce significant results. It is pure human behavior to make a few mistakes; we all do. So, don’t be hard on yourself. Instead, be open to failure.

7. Follow your gut and learn from your past.

Learning from past experiences and following your gut are two things that at no cost should be ignored. Use the lessons that you’ve learn’t to your advantage by not repeating the mistakes that you made earlier. Also, you need to remember that your gut feeling is most likely going to come true.

8. Maintaining the gap between private and professional factors.

Making a personal or professional decision, don’t let other personal factors affect it ever. Many personal issues often take a toll on us and affect our thinking; the key here is not to let that happen.