Change is the law of life and those who look only at the present or past are sure going to miss out on the future. There is no doubt that the future of restaurants belong to organic restaurants. Gone are the days when people didn’t care about what they are eating. Today, they even want the calorie count of what they are eating. So, organic restaurants have a bigger audience to cater for and here are a few reasons why one should start an organic restaurant right now:

1.Growing Popularity
Gone are the days when organic food was a novelty term, now it has become totally mainstream and fashionable. A recent survey said that more than half of the adults will choose organic food over conventional food if its near-by their home. Most importantly organic food is going to stay, once it gets into the habit loop of the people they would never want to go back to the conventional food. So, restaurant owners don’t even need to bother about their repeat customers because they will come-back for sure.

All the myths that organic food business is too expensive to run have been closed by the way people have taken a liking for it. Surely, purchasing organic food is expensive but one should know that even consumer’s purchasing power have increased. Studies have confirmed that they will definitely shell out 20% more money to eat organic food and cut their expenses elsewhere.

3.It’s more appetizing
Organic savvy customers know that the conventional food is full of pesticides, chemicals, additives, antibiotics and who knows maybe even sewage waste. So, restaurant owners must know that their organic food must be green certified and shouldn’t contain any of the above things. Hence, a food free from all these things automatically becomes more appetizing and fulfilling than your conventional food.

4.Varied options
Remember the time when it used to be hard to get a simple organic salad?
Well, you can say goodbye to that now.
Organic chefs can now find year round supply of organic foods from fruits and vegetables to cheese and chocolate, including organic wine and spirits. One more thing that people don’t know is that organic doesn’t mean “greens”, even organic meats from poultry to lambs is available.

5.Creative Menu
While there is not much to experiment with the conventional menu items but organic food offers you a whole lot of variety to experiment with because even the customers want to try something different from the usual. One should try to use the seasonal and local food items to be creative as well as to cut down the costs. While cooking with the seasons can be a challenge , it’s also an excellent opportunity to try new dishes and keep it exciting for the patrons.

6.Staff Productivity
A recent  survey showed that there was an increase of about 20% in productivity and efficiency where restaurants had been green certified. This is because most of the staff working at these places are in their youth. So, they have chosen this line because they want to make an impact on the environment. So, they go the extra mile to do the same.

7.Marketing is easy
Just the brand organic food gets you more audience than one could have imagined. In this generation, where everyone is already paranoid about health, it’s easy to sell farm fresh goods which are pesticide-free. It has become a trend where people follow others and all your marketing expense is saved.

It won’t hurt anyone if the consumers are happy and healthy and even they won’t mind paying a bit extra . So,it will be a win-win situation for everyone. So, budding restaurateurs shouldn’t shy away from opening a new organic restaurant. Who knows, it might become the next buzzing restaurant in the town!