Some people achieve a lot more in a day than many others. Managing your time and being successful at it is what makes the real difference. After achieving a certain level of grasp over managing your free time, you become a lot more productive.

Here are 7 time management hacks to help you optimize your time and yourself.

1. Setting your sleep cycle right.

Without a minimum 7 hours of sleep everyday you cannot expect yourself to be a productive version of yourself. It is necessary for your body to function optimally. Else, what you will have is a tired mind and body, let alone the fact of using your time smartly.

2. Scheduling and a to-do list for every day.

The more you complicate stuff by crowding up your thought and brain the harder it will be for you to process new information and new ideas. Thus, the best way to go about this is by scheduling everything. Free up your mind by using a calendar and a to-do list to jot down all details.

3. Segmentation of all the larger tasks into smaller do able ones.

Once you have a large task at hand you perpetually break it down into small intermediate steps in your mind. Enhance this by writing down all the necessary steps for tasks at hand before you pursue any of those.

4. Dealing with the hardest one first.

Will power is something that shouldn’t be a limited resource. The best time to take advantage of this, is to utilize your mornings when your mind is free and at its peak. Try and finish the hardest task as the first thing itself or else, there’s every chance that you’ll postpone it for another day out of tiredness.

5. Never multitask until necessary.

Multitasking is never the answer to increased productivity. If you try and manage multiple tasks at once there is a high probability that you’re gonna mess them all. Instead, work on one task at a time, prioritize and be a productive person.

6. Prioritizing your tasks is a must.

As also stated in the above point it is a must to prioritize your tasks to be productive. In an attempt to be productive people end up taking more tasks than they actually can manage and end up being a failure. Prioritize your daily tasks after which it’ll be easier for you to focus on completing them and end up feeling a significant sense of accomplishment.

7. Setting aside your rest and ‘me’ time.

Working hard during the day is a must, but and the end of the day don’t forget to get your proper sleep and me time. Your ‘me’ time could be sleeping, reading and anything that you want for that matter. Sleep and having your optimum free time recharges your body and prepare you mentally for the next day action.