Being an entrepreneur is definitely a hectic and tiring job. Especially as you’re just getting things off the ground. With the vendors to meet, books to keep, inventory to stock, and the shifts to schedule. With all the day to day running around it is pointless to even consider keeping a proper track of time, forget making the most of it. Which leads to a lot of precious time slipping off your hands that you would definitely want to use in growing your business. With this said, you will definitely need to put some time management hacks into use. Here are some time management hacks to make sure that you make the most of your time while also keeping your confidence quotient high.


1. Set your priorities straight.

So you start off with making a list of the week’s priorities. Ideally the best time to do this would be your Sunday nights or early Monday mornings. Thereon categorize the work week based on the type of tasks you have at hand. For example, splitting your time into “focus” days and “buffer” days. Focus days is allotted for crucial things like business development. Whereas Buffer days is for what you could call the small things but necessities like paperwork, payroll and invoices.

It is essential to keep a track if you’re finishing as many things as you can from this list. To add to your convenience, you could use an online invoicing software to help your sort out which vendors need to be paid and which ones need to pay you, so you can quickly work through your backlog. Look into payroll systems that integrate with your POS to help make paying employees less of a headache.


2. Well organized operations with the right set of tools.

When it comes to time management, automation is one word that every entrepreneur should live and swear by. Here too, making a list of all the things that are uselessly taking up a lot of your time is the ideal thing to do. This helps you to spot them easily and hence see where you can put those on autopilot using the ideal tools.

Taking inventory management into consideration, typically a huge time-suck. Inventory management software lets you check historical sales data so you know in advance when to scale up or down and order the correct number of goods. And to help with the day-to-day, you can set email alerts so you’re notified when items run low.

Similar is the case when it comes down to appointments. For managing your clients, online scheduling software is a huge time-saver—especially one that syncs with your Google calendars so you can check availability from anywhere. Online scheduling software also lets clients book appointments with you 24/7, which helps reduce administrative time and bring in more sales.


3. Let the numbers speak to you.

Your numbers are the most important thing that you can have as a business owner. Maintaining a strong grasp on your numbers helps you be smart about how to prioritize your time. Excel not your thing? Adopt a POS that automatically does all math and reports for you based on your sales data.) to quickly get crucial intel by day, week, month, and year in an easy, digestible form.


4. That precious free time.

However much you plan out your day and tasks unexpected issues never stop coming up. Thus, keeping your day busy and planned up to the brim is not what you would want to be doing. Try to leave at least one hour each day for the unplanned issues and opportunities that may come up so that you can still keep your hold strong and not fall back.


5. Simplifying communications and keeping track of customers.

Email marketing software can be really handy as the provided customizable email templates with sample text can save you a lot of time. It saves you the whole process of building something from the start. Also you don’t need to worry about uploading customer lists from clipboards on the counter-top. A CRM should have all of your customer lists right there already divided into loyal, casual, and lapsed with the help of your sales data. Being prepared and having all of this information ready and handy helps you be strategic about who you’re targeting with which messages.


6. Learn to delegate.

Trying to do everything on your own might not be something bad but it could definitely prove to be the final nail on your coffin. Instead of trying to make the impossible possible, you may want to spend that extra time on making your hiring process a little more streamlined. This way hiring the best employees who are trustworthy is a big possibility. Then, instead of trying to do it all yourself, you can relinquish some control and assign tasks to those who are working for you.

Try these time management hacks. They’re practical, and they work. You’ll be amazed at the amount of time you will be saving in the end.