There are various leadership theories that you’ll read all across the internet about what it means to be a great leader. Some of them are legitimate as they come from real experiences. While many of them come from the need to appear smart online or by curating preexisting leadership wisdom. In this article, I will state five tough and authentic leadership lessons that I learned from my experiences and I believe they are the leadership lessons to learn early on in life.

1. Difference in being a good leader and having a leadership title.

A person never gets handed leadership on a platter along with a leadership title. It is not impossible that a person at the top of a company could be a horrible leader. To explain, leadership could be compared to learning how to ride a bicycle. You have to learn it (read more), practice it, and keep at it before you get a hang of it. While doing this you’ll make a lot of mistakes but, what’s sure is that simply owning a bicycle is not going to make you a rider.

2. Decision’s never come quick.

Making decisions is a very crucial step as it can make or break things for a leader. Every situation has to be looked at, evaluated and then the decision can be taken based on the leaders learning. To be a honest it’s not a good place to be in. Where taking right decisions can get you all the credit and perks, one wrong decision and it could all be over for you. Thus, taking a day or two will definitely help you take wiser decisions. Just let time work its magic.

3. Actions always speak louder than words.

Motivating people, selling your thoughts and communicating well are definitely very important things for a leader. But, no matter how good you’re at all these, the two things that really matter are the actions you take and how you behave. That’s one of the best ways to measure how good a leader really is. Speaking is something that anyone in today’s world can definitely do, but actually doing the work takes hard work, patience, and determination, and is not easy to accomplish.

4. The Tyrannical style of leadership is bound to fail in the long run.

Being the leader or the boss is having ultimate authority and power which is definitely needed in a company. But many a times it is used and put into action in a totally wrong way. It is impossible for one single person to always know what’s right for everyone. This is when all the decisions and takes of people are completely disregarded in the process. This is a big mistake committed by many leaders around the world. As a leader, you should lead from the front by example, but never disregard opinions and efforts.

5. The importance of keeping your word.

Not keeping a promise is not considered a good deed in any aspect of your life. Being a leader you should be much more careful with the promises you make. It is a must for all leaders to keep most of the promises they make. Else, they risk being thought of as someone who either doesn’t put a price on their word or takes it very lightly. Which is not a quality a good leader would have. Someone who delivers on their promises comes across as a strong leader.