As a restaurateur, you already know that opening a restaurant needs capital and poses very high risk. We’ve all heard the common statistic: 59% of hospitality facilities fail in the initial 3-year period. Don’t let your business fail by overlooking these 5 common problems restaurants face. Let CirQ help you understand these common holes in your system and together we can overcome them!


Problem #1: Customer Service

We all know that the first impression is a memorable one and whether it is good or bad, it is difficult to change it. It can be pretty assumption-filled if not all questions are answered and needs met. Your food may delight the palates of your customers, but your service could drain them. If your customers have a bad first trip, it’s not very likely that they will return for a second go. Bad customer service is one of the common problems that the restaurant industry is facing these days.

This is a no-brainer that making your customer happy and having a string of loyal customers is no magic. From management to busboys, every contact made to your customers has to be delightful and accommodating. Customers can get easily turned off at any point in the dining experience, so paying attention to their needs and creating a welcoming service is essential.


Problem #2: The Menu and your USP

A good menu is a reflection of how much efforts you are willing to put in to impress your customers and to make their experience delightful. It’s best to have a smaller number of dishes, but making them really well. Typically, longer menus take longer to order from, require more ingredients, thus making you have to buy more ingredients.


Now, what is your original offering or idea that makes you stand out above the rest? It could be a popular dish on your menu you are famous for. This uniqueness will offer your customers a feeling that enables them to remember you long after they are gone.


Problem #3: Management

This is one of the most important and key factor. As an owner or manager, you’ll need to know how to analyze your business from all angles to ensure that it runs properly and profitably. Many small restaurants can’t pay attention to the number of customers they feed per day, nor keep track of popular items ordered, or most profitable dishes, and their inventory loss, which has become one of the common problems you face at the end of the day.
It is highly important to keep a record of all of this data. There are a couple of POS system as well in the market, which will provide you the complete analysis.


Problem #4: Training and Hiring

Restaurants have to hire and train the staff properly, but sometimes you may not have a solid management structure to help everyone understand their role and responsibilities. Then things get overlooked and customers may not like the experience your place is providing. You may feel you don’t have enough time to adjust your current employee structure because all the other aspects of your business needs your attention.
Try establishing a very solid management structure that your employees can follow even in your absence. Make sure they understand their responsibilities as well as everyone else’s roles. This will provide you with a strong team where all employees can help pick up the pieces of one another.


Problem #5: Marketing

Many owners fail to market enough or market appropriately. You could avoid this by paying attention to you social media presence, making a marketing plan and updating your restaurant’s website.


You may think that this much marketing will hinder your budget, but many things can be done for little to no cost such as social media marketing. A great deal of your clients can be accessed directly through social media channels.
Obviously, more time, more capital, more training, and more marketing are always fruitful towards our business. But don’t let yourself get lost in the mayhem. The common problems that you are facing could be easily tackled with smart decisions. Cheers to that!