The customer experience has turned into the greatest differentiator among organizations in this digital age. Innovation is helping restaurants accomplish a more noteworthy upgrade for an upper hand. But what does this mean for your restaurant? Read on to know 2017 restaurant tech trends that matter to you.

Without precedent in recent history, buyers are – seemingly – more intrigued by how they purchase rather than what they purchase. Experience is turning out to be progressively more relevant than even quality overall extraordinary enterprises, including eateries and restaurants. The main thrust behind the push for better customer experience is buyers’ expanding reliance on and affinity for technology. Also, we connect more with each other on account of things like social media and smart phones. That incorporates us with our most loved brands, organizations, and – you got it! – The restaurants.

Today customers are more subjected to brand experiences owing to increased connectivity and availability from technology. It is on both their gadgets and real life. And the organizations are knowing of it to be a critical main thrust to grow the business.

The eatery business is no exception to this phenomenon. In the most recent two years, there’s been a 50% increment in utilizing innovation at restaurants, with mainstream areas being:

Mobile applications

Web-based ordering

Tabletop tablets

Mobile wallets or payment services

These restaurant technology patterns are permitting organizations to streamline the customer experience while fulfilling their requirement for innovation and integration for mobile.

To comprehend the customers techspectations from a restaurant, let’s look at these bits of innovation one by one in improving the feasting experience.

1) Mobile Apps

Apparently, restaurants are taking high interest in mobile application development as the most popular thing. Besides offering another route for purchasers to arrange their delivery and takeout food, an application appears more user-friendly as well as habit creating than ordering online. This opens up your restaurant to a considerable measure of interesting potential outcomes.

You might also like to use a mobile point of sale:

Many organizations – restaurants included – have found an unfathomable door opened with application based loyalty programs. Previously, restaurants settled for the ancient stamp-card based loyalty identification and rewarding system.

Not just are these cards easy to lose or left at home, they likewise weren’t captivating either. When we discuss the customer experience today, engagement is critical; it is required that customers have the mindshare even when not transacting. This is only possible if you provide something useful or interesting to them.

In order to notify or engage customers, the requirement is a mobile app which is likewise a decent channel to advise your customers about new offers, coupons, menu changes, news, and events. These can increase customer spending or increase visits via remarketing. Another reasonable and effective way of promoting is mobile push notifications that require mobile app.

On the off chance that your restaurant takes reservations, apps provide the customers with a convenient way to place orders or cancel them anytime. This doesn’t require them to visit restaurant or waste time in the queue. Also, a good point for staff is that it doesn’t remove your waitstaff or host station from visitors that are as of now inside your restaurant, café, or bar.

Restaurants technology early adopters have been constantly investigating in better approaches to use applications to convey a superior experience to customers. It is likely that we will see more systems created throughout the following couple years.

2) Web-based Ordering

Web-based order requesting has changed the feasting experience for buyers and restaurants alike. Numerous joints discover it a superior and even more agreeable experience than the conventional technique for requesting a reservation via phone or even face to face. You can see the greater part of the menu choices without a moment’s delay.  Your bill is instantly overhauled as you include menu items. And there is no chance of miscommunication whereas your order can get miscommunicated in person-to-person communication especially during rush hour.

On the business side, there are similarly complementary benefits for grasping these innovative trends. Fewer requests sent via telephone free up your staff to concentrate on speeding up dinners, keeping the kitchen clean, and other more essential errands! Also, it gives a superior channel to upselling or cross-selling customers with extra options.

Domino’s Pizza has been well known for this; as customers go to checkout, their web-based order requesting system prompts shoppers to add interesting add-ons like extra cheese, breadstick, drink or desserts. While this was conceivable via telephone, the capacity to put photos of these items before the shopper is possible only on computer or mobile and is a great deal all the more alluring.

Most eateries now conform to web-based ordering online through a site. All things considered, almost 70% of buyers apparently observe web based requesting to be the most vital bit of innovation for restaurants that offer takeaway meals.

3) Mobile Payment

The last instrument of the portable aspect of technology in restaurants is the mobile payment alternative. Particularly for snappy administration or quick service restaurants, these new strategies to pay via mobile are turning out to be essential towards providing a fast service and superior experience. Consider using an all-integrated mobile point of sale, such as this point of sale:


This was possible on account of the new EMV chips that most new credit and platinum cards have, where rather than swiping a card, the customer embeds their card into a card-reader to make payment. This recent system, while being more secure, is slower and has embittered numerous purchasers from shopping with their card!

Hence, mobile payment alternatives are turning into another most loved innovation among shoppers.

After all giving customers what they want is most important. This reality ought to be reason enough to start accepting mobile payments, for example, Apple Pay, Google Wallet, Paytm or Mobikwik. Considering that, mobile payment choices are frequently much snappier than paying with money and particularly the credit cards. Quicker checkout times mean shorter lines. Hence, customers will be more encouraged to visit your restaurant, café, or bar; and you can serve more individuals too.

Mobile card readers are another way of doing mobile payments. This opens the door for customers to pay appropriately from their table, rather than sitting tight for the server to come back with the bill and receipt! Once more, this can accelerate payment procedure and free up tables for visitors that are holding up, which also represents the deciding moment among customers for creating impression amid the rush hour.

4) Tableside Tablets / E-menu

In order to pay via mobile table-side tab or displays are being utilised to make easier for customers. These gadgets also give visitors great eating experience by showing digital menu alongside a photo and other details of the items on the list. This altogether does away with the need of a waiter as well at the time of ordering.

Also, these tableside tablets have some good applications for entertainment and passing time. They are also useful for promotion and 3rd-party advertisements. They often include some trivia and riddles that can keep people engaged. For families with kids, this sort of diversion can be the distinction between a charming feast and dealing with a hissy fit.

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On the other hand, you may have as of late observed games themed restaurants that are utilizing these tablet gadgets to permit every table to pick which diversion to watch amid their dinner.


It might be a while until we see tabletop tablets in many restaurants especially fine-dine ones, however for less formal restaurants, they positively add a fascinating new layer to the eating experience.


2017 Restaurant Tech Trends – Conclusions


Regardless of the size or sort of restaurant you run, you ought to know about these developing innovation trends affecting the food and refreshment industry. Begin implementing these technology trends in your business too! Or simply, do a survey via your visiting customers on what they would like you to add. It is always a good idea to involve customers!

These might extend your features from current web-based ordering to incorporate a mobile-app. Or  it can upgrade the dining experience, or by including better, more helpful payment alternatives.

Whatever interests you the most, implement. These improvements are highly impactful on making a superior customer encounter and long lasting impression. They simultaneously giving your restaurant with increased efficiency and business.