It’s time to know about 2017 food trends. Several companies have started proposing food trends for 2017 including many marketing intelligence companies. So, what are going to be hot trends in 2017? Here is a list we have compiled after going through a number of predictions:

Dosha dining

The first word is in Hindi that means “an issue”, and the context being the natural constitution of a person based on Ayurvedic principles. Ayurveda underlines the equilibrium among three bioelements of Vata, Pitta, and Kapha. A dosha of each kind implies an imbalance due to that kind becoming overbearing. Ayurveda classifies us into 3 groups based on the 3 dosha. To counter each dosha, it has also described particular kind of lifestyle and food. Dosha dining is focused on eating food types that balance one’s dosha. It is getting popular now and might become a trend in 2017.
Pitta is the energy component for transformations in the body and has the qualities of being: Hot, Sour, Sharp, and Liquid. It is characterised by body heat or burning sensation and redness

Vāta is the airy element. It is characterised by properties of dry, cold, light. All movement in the body is due to the property of vata.

Kapha is the watery element, it is characterised by heaviness, cold, tenderness, softness, slowness, and lubrication. It is the nourishing element of the body.

Asian noodles

There are several foods under Asian noodles. What looks trending is the hand-pulled noodles. They are becoming a favourite in the west where more authentic Asian foods are being sought. Chinese hand-pulled noodles offer a different taste as well as look.
The popular Asian noodles that are made from wheat includes Lo Mein, Yaka Mien, Ramen, and La Mien. For rice noodles, it’s important to mention Rice Vermicelli, Kway Teow, and Chow Fun & Mi Xian Chee. They can be also be made with yam and mung bean, and they are popular as well. They are likely to get more popular around the world and be marked as a significant option among 2017 food trends.

Artisanal and craft flavours of ice creams

Fruits and flowers adding to the flavours in an offering are going to be very popular in 2017. And clubbing the ice-creams with oats and grains to reduce guilt on indulgence is to continue. Moroccan Orange Blossom by Movenpick and Magnolia’s Guava are a few of the examples we have seen. The combinations can be many and interesting. This year we saw the popular ice-creams such as Bonfatto’s French vanilla ice cream infused with its peaches n’ cream sauce and granola; and Pierre’s Chef’s Signature introduced the Holé Molé, a cinnamon ice cream with chili-choco-chips, chocolate-covered toffee pieces, and its fudge swirl

Vegetable yoghurt

Fruit-based yoghurt is quite a popular food today. It is considered healthy and refreshing food. And in 2017 we are going to see vegetable yoghurt to be extra healthy that might include beet, carrot, blueberry, and cucumber. The trend is already popular in the US with several yoghurts available, made by a combination of fruit and vegetable flavours and there is no reason why they wouldn’t become popular elsewhere.

The food trend in 2017 is likely to embrace healthier and more light food. Yoghurt has the specialty that they are readily available in stores and so it does away with preparation time.

Perfume-inspired cocktails

The world’s first perfume-inspired cocktail bar was opened in 2014 in Berlin by Ritz-Carlton hotel. And last year saw it gaining popularity in England especially among luxury hotels. It is likely to become a trend and a big one across bars all over the world because it is really interesting. They are typical in that they leave a distinct aftertaste of perfume. They are sweet and light on alcohol, and typically may be made from nutmeg brandy, lime, or magnolia-sakura syrup for instance. The Earl Grey and Cucumber, inspired by the Jo Malone fragrance, is made from Earl Grey infused Don Julio Reposado, jasmine tea and vanilla, pink lady apple juice, honey and cucumber syrup. It was received well and will be imitated elsewhere, that’s why we have them in top 2017 food trends to happen.
Apart from the above mentioned category-wise 2017 food trends, there are some general trends that we might see soon. The “clean label” meaning foods that are organic, GMO-free, PHO-free, having natural flavours & colours, etc. or claiming to be “all natural” will be in higher demand. They will have a huge impact on people and companies all over the world. Another trend to see will be “Limited Time Offerings”. It is an advertising buzz word and creates a sense of achievement by being able to get the time-limited offering. A popular trend would also be to reduce food waste, which is also a cost-friendly step to be taken by most restaurants all over the world. You might also like to read food trends of the present time.